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 Digital Signage

The information you want to communicate to your customer programmed and scheduled in a digital communication..

 CRM 4Retail

CRM 4Retail to help brands and retail companies to know their customers better.


Realize full autonomy a Virtual Tour without computer knowledge or programming.


Disignum, technology at the service of art, will meet you at the Fuorisalone 2016 for an innovative artistic experiment

In the busy schedule of events of the Fuorisalone 2016, we point out an original urban art initiative that is embodied in these hours, and with the participation of Disignum as technical partner. "Transversal Movement" is the name of the project, part of a building that overlooks the Naviglio Pavese, a former factory for the production of gas meters, the Sacogas, versatile space that now houses a number of creative activities ranging from ' stylish architecture.

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Disignum alongside ITALIAN FEDERATION OF FASHION - CONFCOMMERCIO to innovate the retail sector, with Store 2.0

During the Italian Fashion Federation National Assembly, held in Palazzo Pitti in Florence June 15, 2016, the President of the Italian Fashion Federation, Renato Borghi, illustrated the trend in the sector by providing, to the audience of members and representatives of institutions, macroeconomic and legal overview and making demands and proposals of the specific category.

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